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Sandbar Duel Rum

Made from Louisiana molasses and brown sugar, our Sandbar Duel Rum is double distilled. It is then filtered through activated charcoal. This creates a 90 Proof rum with a smooth clean taste that makes it the perfect base for all your rum cocktails. 90 Proof 750ml.

Sandbar Duel Flavored Rums

All of our flavored rums start with the base of our Sand Bar Duel Rum. Natural flavors are added. Our Sandbar Duel Rum has such a smooth clean flavor, it showcases the taste of the fruit flavors that are added. We have a pineapple, coconut and blueberry.45 Proof 750ml.

Sandbar Duel Apple Pie Rum

Our Apple Pie Rum is a seasonal item made using our Sandbar Duel Rum with all the flavors of apple pie added including apple juice and apple cider. A cinnamon stick is added to each bottle. It is produced October - January and is available until it is sold out.

30 Proof 750ml.

Sandbar Duel Spiced Rum

Made from Louisiana molasses and brown sugar, our Sandbar Duel Spiced Rum starts as our clear rum. Nine spices are infused including cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, honey, black pepper, almond, vanilla and ginger. Our spiced rum is aged on Sugar Maple and American White Oak. 90 Proof 750ml.

Sandbar Duel Moonshine

Who needs sunshine when you have MOONSHINE!

Our Sandbar Duel Moonshine is created using corn and sugar. It is distilled twice and then carbon filtered for a clean smooth finish. 90 Proof available in two sizes 750ml. and 375ml.

la Fee Verte

In the mid-19th century New Orleans, Absinthe from France was added to America’s first cocktail, “The Sazerac”.
The history and relationship of France and Louisiana is vast. Drawing from that history, we are producing a traditional Absinthe Verte. Using the 1855 Portarlier French method, we employ traditional distillation methods and botanicals including Wormwood, Fennel, Anise, Pontica, Hyssop and Lemon Balm to produce our 160 proof classic Absinthe Verte.


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Made in Louisiana

All of our products are made in Vidalia, Louisiana. We use brown sugar and molasses from sugar cane grown and processed in Louisiana. We are proud to be a Certified Louisiana Product and a Certified Louisiana Craft Beverage.

What our customers are saying about our rum

Wow! It’s so smooth!

John R.

The coconut flavor tastes like real coconut.

Greg D.

The pineapple is my favorite.

Kim T.

The Bowie Sandbar Duel

The inspiration for the name of the distillery originated from Jim Bowie's notorious Sandbar Duel. Bowie was a witness to a duel fought on a sandbar just north of Vidalia, LA. The affair of honor degenerated into a desperate battle involving more than a dozen men. Although shot and stabbed, Bowie resorted to his famous knife, wounding one assailant and killing another. Both Bowie and his knife became legends that day.

If you are interested in learning more about the famous Bowie Sandbar Duel, the following videos are a re-enactment of the events of September 19, 1827.

Sandbar Duel Re-enactment Part 1

Sandbar Duel Re-enactment Part 2


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